Premier Illinois Whitetail Hunting
  • Greg Magee’s 160" 10–point



South Fork Outfitting has family owned farms, with many acres of big timber and food plots with great stand locations. These farms are well managed to keep the deer flowing right into your sights. South Fork Outfitting offers a world class hunt from a beginner hunter all the way to some of the biggest pro staffers out there. Having proven records, we are confident that you will take home a trophy to put on your wall. South Fork Outfitting provides all hunters with a full service hunt, lodging, and meals.

A Little More About Us…

South Fork Outfitting originated in 2001 in Northern Adams County. Since day one, South Fork has been committed to its' hunters by providing the very best opportunities on harvesting a trophy whitetail deer of a lifetime. All of our properties are free range and privately owned. All of us at South Fork enjoy outfitting, and that is one of our biggest keys to success. "We do what we do" to see the look of satisfaction on each hunter's face when they realize they have made the right choice by hunting with South Fork Outfitting. Our hard work and commitment has allowed us to continue doing what we enjoy full–time. We understand that the economy can influence hunters to be more selective and be sure that they spend their hard earned money somewhere that counts. We are a unique group and having a good time is what it's all about. We have known each other our entire lives and run most of our hunts on family owned farms and property that we have hunted on our whole lives. This allows us to have great success with our hunters. Knowledge is priceless when you are chasing after these animals.

South Fork has always kept pressure low and quality high. Less hunter's per-acre means lower pressure, and that results in greater success for you! South Fork is one of those places where you will get a bang for your buck. (No pun intended!) You will show up as a client, and leave as one of the boys! South Fork is the best deer camp you could ever hope to find! This is the place where a hunter's dreams really do come true…At any one moment a world class whitetail can present himself, and you'll be here to close the deal!

Illinois Golden Triangle of Whitetail Hunting


Illinois is well known through out the whitetail community as the land of the giants. We are located in the Counties of Adams, Pike, and Hancock (West-Central Illinois Golden Triangle). These are the top producing counties every year! The counties' terrain is perfect for growing and harvesting mature whitetails and we have compiled large tracts of contiguous acreage in these areas, allowing for optimal management conditions for hunting and harvesting mature whitetails year after year. Our main lodge is located in Mendon, Illinois (Central Adams County) about fifteen miles from Quincy (population of 50,000). The lodge is centrally located, making it easy to go into town for your every need.


Our property consists of many different tract sizes and terrains. South Fork hunts take place on 15,000+ acres. We have a large number of family owned acres. We also lease from friends and neighbors in other quality areas. Some blocks are multiple farms making up to 2,000 continuous acres – with most being between 400 and 600 acres. The terrain is a variety of creek bottoms, ridges, big hardwood flats, government set a side (CRP), natural funnels and pinches, corn and soybean fields and other assorted food plots. These grounds are in the top percentile of the best Illinois has to offer.

190" South Fork Outfitting Trophy Buck

Address // 1969 E 1250 St.
Mendon, IL 62351

Telephone // (217) 430-6579

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